Dive Sites

Bara Beach, Turtle Point, Stingray Bay

 These reefs around Bira have sloping reefs with a starting depth of 5m which is suitable for all levels of diver. Visibility normally from 20m to 25m and it can offer beautiful coral with a healthy population of schooling snappers, lots of turtles both green and hawksbill turtles, schools of bumphead parrots fish, blue spotted stingrays, and great macro, leaf scorpion fish, crocodile fish, pipefish, even pygmy seahorse and many nudis and more. Great place for macro photography. A further drop of at 30m is also a good options for more experienced divers.

Shark Point

Located on the beautiful Liukang Loe island just 20mins away right in front of Bira Beach. Shark Point is one of our favorite dive sites. The white-tip reef sharks can get up to 2m long. There are 3 different start points around Shark Point and depending on the current we will drop in the best place for the sharks. The wall to the North and West is a drop off at about 30m and to the South a sloping reef to 28m. If you are here for a few days we regularly do a few dives around this area so you get to see its diversity. Also good for other big fish like trevally, barracuda, tuna, spotted eagle rays, marble rays, then in the shallows great macro like frogfish, cuttlefish, scorpionfish.

Liukang Beach and the North Shore

Also offer some great macro life like pipefish and harlequin shrimps, orangutan Crabs, turtles and rays. Also a great place for beginners. Liukang Loe also has a beautiful beach with a great restaurant for grilled fish, so a stop here for surface interval or after dives to relax is recommended.

 Kambing Island (goat island)

North East Point and South Wall

This island offers great walls and drop offs. The island offers a good chance for seeing sharks all year around. June to September is good for the bigger sharks like Hammerheads, Threshers, Whale Sharks, Bull Sharks, Silvertips. Plus big Marble Rays, Devil Rays and Mantas. Some amazing safety stops here on the South Side in what is called hard coral gardens. In the shallow water here you can regularly see cuttlefish pipefish and morays.

Mola-Mola Point (Kambing Island)

The Mola-Mola can be seen here from august. Kambing Island offers great diving all around the island. But this island is exposed to weather and waves so trips here is at mercy of the weather-conditions.


This divespot is only for divers with a lot of experience due to strong currents. A pinnacle in the open sea, the top is around 10m the bottom around 30m. So its a negative descent and on to the pinnacle where you hang on and watch the fish cruise at ease. Great for Sharks, Giant Trevally, big Napoleon Wrasse and much more, we even have some resident pigmy seahorses here.

Tanjing Bira (Cape Bira)

“The Cape” is a great dive. A drop off at around 30m. As you drift along the reef see Napoleon Wrasse, Sharks and Rays cruise by beneath you. In the shallows there is a nice reef where you can see pipefish, scorpionfish, turtles and more.


Black Sands

This area is yet to be fully explored. The boat trip takes around 2 hours and has some great muck diving in volcanic sand with many rare frogfish, octopus, nudibranchs and more.

These sights give a good insight in what diving in Bira has to offer but there are still undiscovered areas and maybe the next will be named after you?