• Sulawesi offers some of the best diving available in the world.
  • Bira has many great destinations suited for all divers and level of experience.
  • The divesites are from 10-45 minutes from the the bungalows. When you wake up in the morning the equipment will be ready on the boat and you only have to stroll down to the beach no transport required. Departue times varies with conditions of the tide and current but normally between 08.00 and 10.00 in the morning.
  • For the experienced diver there are challenging currents and a lot of big fish to see. Reef sharks, giant trevally, bumphead parrotfish, eagle rays, stingrays, tuna and lots of other species are regular sightings in these waters.
  • The reefs are in good condition and has visibility up to 30m on a good day.
  • For beginners who prefer a more relaxed pace there are gentle sloping reefs, easy currents and plenty of marine life. We see turtles most days, schooling snappers and barracudas plus lots of macro life like scorpion fish, morays, ribbon eels, pipefish, pigmy seahorse, frogfish and nudibranchs.
  • There are in total around 15 divesites in the area that we visit on a regular basis.
  • Explorations to new areas is also an option for groups of divers.
  • We aim to give everybody quality bottom-time and will not mix beginners with advanced divers if this can be avoided. 4-5 people per divemaster in accordance to skill level and the composition of the group.